A Foundation for Fresh


For more than 12 years, FoodLink has been connecting and improving the fresh food supply chain from the farm to the consumer. Our award-winning solutions are used by more than 2,000 farms, grower-shippers, brokers, carriers, retail grocers and wholesalers.

Fresh is our guiding principle, and everything we do helps our customers bring safe, fresh food to market in the most efficient and profitable way.

product-details-field-452x307Why Suppliers Choose FoodLink

  • Full PTI compliance with integrated GTIN/lot number on advanced shipment notice (ASN)
  • Eliminated lost time and revenue caused by error-prone audits and chargebacks
  • Exposure to new potential trading partners
  • Efficient management of all purchase orders, order changes, ASNs and invoices

product-details-supplierportal-producedisplay-452x307Why Retailers Choose FoodLink

  • Lower cost of goods sold
  • Improved service levels/fulfillment rates
  • Higher product quality
  • Complete traceability back to the field in easy access format for recalls/audits
  • Better buying decisions

In addition to our core network linking perishable buyers and suppliers, FoodLink provides a range of services to increase the value of each member’s network connection.